Will the Renovated MoMA Let Folk Art Back In?

What I’ll miss during the Museum of Modern Art’s four-month public shutdown is something I’ve already been missing for five years and will probably continue to miss when the expanded museum reopens in October. I’m talking about the presence on West 53rd Street of the American Folk Art Museum, which was physically demolished in 2014, and whose site the expanded MoMA absorbs, but whose spirit lives on as a restless ghost in the corporate machine that MoMA is.

You’ll remember the story of the rise and fall of the Folk Art Museum building. The museum itself initially opened on 53rd Street in 1961, and bought property there, but moved to quarters in the Lincoln Center area before deciding to build a permanent home at its founding location. In the late 1990s, working with a $32 million loan, it commissioned a new building from Tod Williams and Billie Tsien, which opened in 2001.

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