When Canada Stared Down Washington—and Got Its Way

When Canada Stared Down Washington—and Got Its Way

And even if its ships are likely carrying prosaic cargo today, as someone who grew up along the seaway, I still feel a bit of thrill when I see a ship from a distant port chugging past the shoreline.

—Religious and human rights advocates along with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau swiftly condemned Quebec’s latest effort to restrict the wearing of religious symbols including Muslim head scarves in the name of secularism.

—The novelist Miriam Toews, who draws on her Mennonite upbringing, told Catherine Porter that “I had an obligation to write down hope for change for Mennonite girls and women.”

—Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s political headache worsened Friday after his former justice minister released a secretly made recording of her conversation with Canada’s top public servant.

—Yoshua Bengio was one of two Canadian researchers who were awarded the A.M. Turing Award, effectively the Nobel Prize for computing, this week. He’s one of the creators of artificial intelligence and, as Dan Bilefsky found out, he recoils at scientists becoming celebrities.

—Scotty weighed in at 19,555 pounds; he once roamed around what is now Saskatchewan’s Frenchman River Valley.

—Netflix ushers in spring in Canada this month with John Singleton’s “Boyz N the Hood,” a documentary by Wim Wenders on Pope Francis and “Our Planet,” an eight-part series by David Attenborough, the master of nature on television.

—A second 18-year-old Canadian is on a run at a major tennis tournament this season.

—The first Indigenous player in the N.H.L. watched the Montreal Canadiens battle the Carolina Hurricanes on television this week. The commentators were, for the first time, speaking his language.

—The Scottish bridge that exerts a mysterious force (or not) on dogs: “At first she froze, but then she became possessed by a strange energy and ran and jumped right off the parapet.”

—Our television critic Margaret Lyons has created a list of the 20 greatest T.V. dramas since The Sopranos, and our colleagues have interviewed their creators about why they their series clicked.

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