What You Need to Know About the Huawei Court Case in Canada

What You Need to Know About the Huawei Court Case in Canada

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — When the Chinese tech executive Meng Wanzhou was arrested by the Canadian authorities in the Vancouver airport while changing flights, she suddenly became one of the world’s most famous detainees.

Her December arrest — made at the United States’ request for her extradition on fraud charges — provoked a storm of recriminations from China, landed Ms. Meng in legal limbo, and put Canada in the middle of a fight between two world powers that are both rivals and trading partners.

Since then, relations between China and Canada have become increasingly strained, and China has arrested two Canadians, accusing them of espionage, and sentenced a third to death on a drug charge.

On Wednesday, the next chapter in Ms. Meng’s case opens, with a proceeding at the Supreme Court of British Columbia to set a date for a hearing to decide whether she should be extradited to face fraud charges in the United States.

Also, Canada usually grants extradition requests from democratic allies like the United States.

At the hearing, the judge will examine whether the fraud that Ms. Meng is charged with in the United States is also a crime in Canada. The judge cannot refuse to extradite her on the grounds that the case will not succeed at trial.

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