What were they saying? Protesters interrupt Democratic Debate

What were they saying? Protesters interrupt Democratic Debate

Jordan Culver


Published 3:05 PM EDT Sep 13, 2019

Some protesters cut off former Vice President and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden during the latter’s final answer of Thursday’s debate at Texas Southern University. 

Unfortunately for them, it appears they were mostly inaudible on ABC’s broadcast of the debate. 

The protesters interrupted Biden’s final answer with shouting that went mostly unheard by those watching on television, according to Twitter. Many on the social media website said they couldn’t understand what the protesters were saying — what the protesters shouted wasn’t 100 percent synchronized. 

One debate attendee said she understood what the protesters were saying: “We are DACA recipients. Our lives are at risk.” Photos from the event that show the protesters being escorted out show some were wearing shirts that said, “Defend DACA. Abolish ICE. Citizenship for all.”

Biden was attempting to answer the final question of the debate regarding the quality of resilience. The multi-part question was, “What is the most significant professional setback you had to face, how did you recover from it and what did you learn from it?” 

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“I never counted any professional setback I had as a serious setback,” Biden, who was the first candidate to respond, said. “There are things that are important, things that are unimportant.” 

That’s as far as Biden got before the protesters starting screaming. He attempted to continue his answer, but was delayed nearly 50 seconds before he could continue. His time to speak was restarted due to the interruption. 

For the most part, Twitter was filled with people who were looking for answers. 

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