Vice, Trying to Quit the Frat House, Focuses on Content for Others

Vice Tries to Turn the Page by Making Content for Others

LOS ANGELES — Danny Gabai was used to being ignored. For years, he ran what may have been Vice Media’s most uncool business — the production of feature films, made to be shown in theaters.

Whatever, dude. We do digital stuff here.

“We were seen as a redheaded stepchild,” Mr. Gabai said, “if our existence was acknowledged at all.”

But that was the old Vice, the one that functioned less as a company and more as an out-of-control frat party. The new Vice, which started to take shape last year, with the arrival of a new chief executive, Nancy Dubuc, has decided to turn Mr. Gabai’s operation into an anchor division, one she hopes can help Vice overcome difficulties elsewhere in its empire.

Ms. Dubuc said Vice Studios had not been on her radar before she started, even though she was a Vice board member. “Let’s just say that we weren’t getting regular updates,” she said dryly.

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