US jobs report beats forecast, but German factory orders slide – as it happened | Business

“Today’s healthy job numbers have exceeded market expectations and show renewed momentum following last month’s weak performance, which should be enough to calm fears of a near-term recession.

“Nonetheless, investors still face uncertainty around slowing global economic growth and an ongoing U.S.-China trade war, despite assurances at the G20 that talks would resume. Economic data has yet to reflect a significant impact from trade concerns, but that’s unlikely to last if the stalemate drags on, or another round of tariffs is imposed.

“Equity markets may have breathed a sigh of relief for now, but this is by no means the end of the trade war drama. A highly anticipated interest rate cut later this month could result in a welcome spike in borrowing and business investment, but the burning question is whether the Fed has sufficient ammunition to offset a slowdown, if and when it arrives.”

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