Truck on Guatemala Highway Hits Crowd, Killing at Least 30

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A large truck slammed into a crowd gathered on a dark highway in Guatemala, killing at least 30 people and leaving bodies scattered on the roadway, fire officials said.

Cecilio Chacaj, a spokesman for the firefighters, said the accident took place Wednesday night near the municipality of Nahula in Solola province in western Guatemala.

Mr. Chacaj said the crowd had apparently gathered to observe a person who had died in a separate accident when the semitrailer plowed into them.

“It seems that the semitrailer did not notice the number of the people on the roadway and ran them over,” Mr. Chacaj said. “So far there are at least 30 bodies at the site.”

The accident came just weeks after a truck with roughly 50 Central American migrants drove off a highway in Mexico, killing 25 people and injuring 30 others in Chiapas, not far from the border with Guatemala. Officials said the migrants came from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

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