Three Mountain Climbers Missing After an Avalanche in Canada

Three Mountain Climbers Missing After an Avalanche in Canada

OTTAWA — Three professional mountain climbers were missing and presumed dead on Thursday after an avalanche in Banff National Park in the western province of Alberta.

The three were identified as Jess Roskelley, who is an accomplished American mountaineer, and David Lama and Hansjörg Auer, both Austrian, by the North Face clothing company, their sponsor.

The men failed to return from their climb on Wednesday. Parks Canada, the government agency responsible for the park, said an aerial survey had found “signs of multiple avalanches and debris containing climbing equipment” in the area where the three had been climbing.

“They are missing and local search and rescue has assumed the worst,” the North Face said in an email. “We are waiting to learn additional information as the search mission continues.”

Mr. Roskelley is the son of John Roskelley, a well known mountaineer and author. In 2003, when the younger Mr. Roskelley was 20, the father and son team climbed Mount Everest, making the son the youngest American to have done so at that time.

The parks service said high winds and precipitation had made it impossible to begin any recovery effort.

According to an account in The Calgary Herald, the three men were climbing the east side of Howse Peak, which is 3,295 meters tall or 10,810 feet. Parks Canada described it as “an exceptionally difficult objective, mixed with rock and ice routes requiring advanced alpine skills.”

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