The 2 Canadian Stops on Our 52 Places to Go List

The 2 Canadian Stops on Our 52 Places to Go List

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—For the second time in less than six years, passengers aboard one of Ottawa’s double-decker buses have died in a collision.

—Court documents detailed the final moments before a bus carrying the Humboldt Broncos struck a transport truck in a deadly collision that shook all of Canada.

—Rebecca Marino, who was born in Toronto and now lives in Vancouver, became burned out and quit professional tennis in 2013. She’s now in the midst of a comeback.

—Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that, at the request of the United Nations, Canada will take in an 18-year-old runaway from Saudi Arabia who fears for her life.

—There are harp seals stranded seemingly everywhere in Roddickton-Bide Arm, Newfoundland. But there are no good answers about what can be done about it.

—A group of Canadian scientists have found a signal from the stars.

—This year marked the first time that Canada wasn’t on the podium while hosting the world junior hockey championship. But Carol Schram found that may be because of other countries getting better, rather than Canada falling behind.

— Apple’s new iPhone XR has been a sales disappointment. The tech columnist Kevin Roose writes that may be because many people are perfectly content with their aging iPhones.

—A collaborative project involving the influential, Swiss-born photographer and filmmaker Robert Frank, who once lived in Cape Breton, has been rediscovered.

—While the centuries-old tradition of the dancing girls of Lahore continues, their status in Pakistan has taken a decidedly downward turn.

—Many people in Britain have developed a fondness for a car that was never formally exported from Japan. Unsurprisingly, it’s eccentric.

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