‘Tesla Nation’ Review: A Documentary Celebrates Serbian-American Accomplishments

Nikola Tesla was of Serbian descent and did great things in the United States. The ostensible thesis of “Tesla Nation” is that other Serbs and Serbian-Americans have done great things in the United States, too.

Throughout this documentary, an unconvincing actor named Jack Dimich recites excerpts from Tesla’s autobiography. There are also a few digressions that explain the history of major Serbian waves of immigration to America.

But mostly, the movie, directed by Zeljko Mirkovic, consists of a barely organized series of interviews with notable Serbs and Serbian-Americans, and name-checks of others. Their ranks include scientists and engineers, writers and athletes. Some, like Karl Malden and Peter Bogdanovich, made their marks in Hollywood. Others, like Helen Delich Bentley of Maryland and George Voinovich of Ohio, served in Congress.

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