Stops by climate summit despite initial plan to skip it

Stops by climate summit despite initial plan to skip it

John Fritze


Published 11:33 AM EDT Sep 23, 2019

NEW YORK – President Donald Trump made an unexpected stop at a high-profile global climate summit taking place the United Nations on Monday, even though aides signaled for weeks before of the meeting that the president would not attend. 

Trump took a seat in the auditorium at the United Nations as Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India began speaking at the event. Trump and Modi traveled together to Houston on Sunday and are expected to meet again later this week.

Trump, who is scheduled to speak at a separate meeting focused on religious liberty later Monday, was seen sitting next to Vice President Mike Pence and listening to Modi.  

“The world needs to act now,” Modi said, prompting applause from the president. 

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Trump has faced widespread condemnation for other world leaders for starting the process of pulling the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord. The UN meeting on Monday is attempt to hold the signatories of that deal to their commitments to reduce carbon emissions.

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