‘Game of Thrones’: Grey Worm’s Fate Surprised Everyone but the Man Who Plays Him

Nathalie and I have definitely had that conversation since the beginning. We talked about how it must be strange for them, but also not strange. We’re both people of color in England, so we completely understand it. I’m probably saying something I shouldn’t, but a version of that scene has been scripted in previous seasons, and we even shot one, but it didn’t make it to air. But that scene of them discussing their place, and what they want, I was really glad that it made it into the show. It’s an important element.

I know it’s not important to everyone, but to those who understand what it feels like — and I can speak to that because I’m one of those people — it felt really pertinent. I think the previous version that got cut had a different implication because it was funny. But narratively, this was the best time to do it, even though some people might think it could have come earlier.

What was the previous scene that you shot like?

I think it had something to do with Tyrion’s governance of Meereen, so Season 6? It was part of his perspective on slavery, completely based on something he didn’t understand, and they were having a little tussle about the bargain he made with the slave masters to reinstate slavery for seven years. And Grey Worm was fed up, and rightly so. Who is this guy who is willing to reinstate slavery?

I’m not completely naïve. I know that there are people who wouldn’t fully understand, who don’t see the point of Missandei and Grey Worm. That relationship isn’t about the endgame. It’s not about the throne. It’s never been about that. It’s been about a greater purpose, and loyalty. Two people coming out of really extreme trauma and building lives for themselves and following someone they believe has their best interests at heart. I’m really proud that those characters represent something that’s not represented elsewhere on the show.

There’s been a lot of talk about quote-unquote diversity and coming to terms with representation, and how important that is. I never questioned that I was Luke Skywalker when I watched “Star Wars” as a kid. I didn’t have to check my imagination. But it’s lovely when I feel represented. So I’m glad that Missandei and Grey Worm’s story holds that place in the show.

And now, if they both live, they can go to Naath together, as Missandei suggested. That said, the last time we spoke, you were partial to Skagos, where you could hang out with the unicorns.

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