Four Artists to Watch Now

They are fearless, and their works are among the season’s exciting shows. Drawing on memories and research, they propose new ways to live with our histories.

“There are moments of deceptive candy,” he said. “It’s bubbly and enticing, then you take a bite and it’s sour.”

Recently, Mr. Dunn, who is 40, said he has fretted over big themes — the arc of American and black history, or the challenge, brought home to him by the birth of his daughter, Violet, of making a world with real gender equality. It overwhelmed him at times.

“The paintings are trying to create a new language in the way we represent the landscape,” he said. “Employing certain traditions of white, European landscape painters but trying to shatter that through abstraction, and through cave paintings too.”

Ms. Garner, 32, grew up in Philadelphia and is based in Brooklyn. She trained in glass at the Rhode Island School of Design. At some point, the silicone she was using in molds became more interesting to her as a primary material.

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