Fears Grow that Venezuela Opposition Leader Could Be Arrested

Fears Grow that Venezuela Opposition Leader Could Be Arrested

CARACAS, Venezuela — Supporters of Venezuela’s opposition leader expressed worry Friday that he could soon be arrested as they converged for a rally in eastern Caracas, where he was expected to announce next steps to form an interim government.

The opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, declared himself Venezuela’s legitimate president on Wednesday during a day of nationwide protests that challenged and infuriated President Nicolás Maduro.

Mr. Maduro called his adversary an American puppet, broke relations with the United States, gave its diplomats 72 hours to leave and ordered Venezuelan diplomats in the United States to return home by this weekend.

The Trump administration and several other countries in the region quickly recognized Mr. Guaidó as Venezuela’s legitimate leader, depicting him as a democratic savior trying to rescue the once-prosperous country from political repression and economic ruin. They say Mr. Maduro was elected fraudulently and should resign.

She said that even if Mr. Guaidó was arrested, that would not stop their plans.“We think we are on the right path,” she said.

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