Drum Rolls for Trump’s Speech? More Like Eye Rolls in Mexico

Drum Rolls for Trump’s Speech? More Like Eye Rolls in Mexico

“That’s a chapter you will NOT find in the new Agreement, simply because it does NOT exist,” he wrote on Twitter.

In a series of fact-checking tweets about the speech, Arturo Sarukhan, Mexico’s former ambassador to the United States, rejected many of Mr. Trump’s claims. “Saying there is a national security crisis on the border does a huge disservice to how the US and Mexico have worked together since 9/11 to ensure our border is not used by terrorists to undermine our common security,” he wrote.

On Monday, Mexico’s interior minister, Olga Sánchez Cordero, staked out a position that was in implicit contrast to Mr. Trump’s.

“Migrants are not criminals, much less do they constitute a threat to the security of Mexico or the United States,” she said. “They are human beings who seek to escape the reality of insecurity and poverty in their countries of origin, who seek the most elemental thing: the possibility of remaining alive and finding a job that will allow them to advance with dignity.”

But although she said Mexico was open and willing to work with the United States, the two sides are still far apart on the nature of the problem itself.

Mexicans in Tijuana noted as much on Tuesday, when Mr. Trump spoke.

Daniel Gómez, the manager of the bar airing the speech, called it “bad news” that would discourage tourism and hurt the Mexican economy.

“It is so frustrating to listen to him say the same things, which are nothing more than excuses to justify the massive problems that exists in the U.S. and blame it all on the foreigner, the Mexican, the other,” he said.

“It’s infuriating because we can’t do absolutely anything about it,” he said. “All we can do is what we are doing right now, which is to sit down and watch it from afar.”

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