Donald Trump says he ‘disagrees’ with ‘send her back’ chant at rally

Trump slams 'Squad' during N.C. rally as crowd chants 'send her back'

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump blamed his supporters Thursday for a chant of “send her back” that erupted at his North Carolina rally, even though he did nothing to stop the taunts against a black lawmaker.

“I disagree with it,” the president told reporters a day later in the Oval Office. “I wasn’t happy with that message.”  

Pressed further, Trump suggested that reporters return to North Carolina to ask why supporters began the chant during Wednesday’s rally. The audience broke into the chant in the middle of a lengthy criticism from Trump and other progressive Democratic women.   

“I didn’t say that,” Trump said, referring to the “send her back” chant. “They did.”

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Asked why he did not stop the chant, Trump said: “I think I did – I started speaking very quickly.” The chant followed an attack by Trump on Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., early in his rally. The first time the chant broke out, Trump continued his speech and did not tell the audience to stop. 

The second time supporters began chanting, Trump stood back from the lectern, paused in his remarks and listened as the crowd repeated the words nearly a dozen times. 

Trump’s remarks came after several Republican lawmakers distanced themselves Thursday from chants of the “send her back” that erupted at the rally when the president attacked a black Democratic lawmaker.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., posted on Twitter that he woke up “disgusted” by the chant, which he described as “ugly.”

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