Donald Trump names a Mongolian horse ‘Victory’

Donald Trump names a Mongolian horse 'Victory'

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump honored a request Wednesday from the government of Mongolia.

He named a horse.

It will be called “Victory,” Trump announced to reporters at the White House after greeting Mongolian President Battulga Khaltmaa ahead of meetings on trade and military sales.

Trump also praised the Mongolian people and noted that Khaltmaa is a past martial arts champion.

“Mongolia — they’re great fighters,” Trump said. “You know, they’re great fighters, great wrestlers, great champions.” 

It is unlikely the horse itself will travel to the United States.

There are rules about this kind of gift giving, and Mongolia often makes symbolic gifts of its famous horses, small breeds that harken back to the days of Genghis Khan and other warlords. The country’s government usually request that honorees give the horses names.

Other U.S. officials have had Mongolian horses gifted to them, including former vice president and current presidential candidate Joe Biden.

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Located between China and Russia, Mongolia is seen by some administration officials as a potential counterweight to those geopolitical rivals.

With the United States and China locked in a trade war, officials also believe Mongolia is an alternative trading partner.

Mongolia also has made moves as a regional diplomatic player. It offered to host past and future meetings between Trump and nuclear-armed North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

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