Can Justin Trudeau Make It Two in a Row?

Can Justin Trudeau Make It Two in a Row?

Mr. Scheer, along with the leaders of four Canadian provinces, is already campaigning against Mr. Trudeau’s plan to impose carbon taxes on provinces that won’t do it by themselves. His alternative program for reducing carbon emissions has still to be unveiled.

Mr. Graves said that his polling found that core Conservative supporters want to see tighter immigration limits and are particularly upset by asylum seekers crossing the border on foot from the United States. Mr. Bernier’s platform is clearly playing to that concern, while the Conservative appeal to anti-immigration voters has been less explicit.

As in the United States, one thing has become clear to Mr. Graves in his polling: “On many major issues, there is very little common ground.” If that trend continues, you can count on similarly polarized campaigns in Canada this year.

—In British Columbia, a growing industry caters to pregnant women, mainly from China, who come to Canada to give birth so that their children will become Canadian citizens. While in Vancouver, my colleague Dan Bilefsky found a rising backlash against “birth tourism.”

—The critic William Logan found that a newly released collection of Leonard Cohen’s poems, notebooks, lyrics and drawings “has a little of everything for Cohen fans and nothing for anyone else.”

—A middle-aged woman in Toronto suddenly developed blurry vision. Some doctors thought it was age-related. Others suggested that it was tied to stress. A neurologist finally linked it to a rare condition that has puzzled physicians for centuries.

—After traveling to 52 places, including Saskatoon, in just a year, Jada Yuan is finally unpacking her bags.

—Toronto is not the only place where people are leery about smart cities technology.

—Bob Einstein, the comedian who recorded his adventures in the role of the hapless daredevil Super Dave Osborne in Canada, died this week.

—After almost a year, and unexpectedly, the victory tour continues for the curling team that defeated Canada and Sweden to become the first American squad with an Olympic gold medal.

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