Brazil School Shooting Leaves at Least 6 Students Dead

Brazil School Shooting Leaves at Least 6 Students Dead

SÃO PAULO, Brazil — At least six students were killed in Brazil on Wednesday when two assailants broke into a school and opened fire, police officials said.

A school employee was also killed and at least eight people were injured; the attackers then killed themselves.

“It’s a shock to us all,” a police officer, Capt. Cibele Massola, told CBN Radio. “These are children, adolescents.” She said the assailants appeared to be teenagers and had worn masks with skulls on them and black clothes.

The shooting, at the Professor Raul Brasil school in Suzano, a satellite city of São Paulo, began at 9:30 a.m. The ages of the victims were not immediately made public. Students at the school range in age from 8 to 16, according to local news reports.

Captain Massola said the investigation into the perpetrators and their motives was continuing. The injured people were taken to nearby hospitals.

João Doria, the governor of São Paulo, said on Twitter that he was on his way to the school to learn more about the police investigation and the injured students. “I just received the sad news that children were cruelly assassinated,” he said.

School shootings are relatively rare in Brazil. One of the most tragic happened in 2011, when a former student shot and killed 12 children at a school in Realengo, in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Amateur video of the latest shooting posted on social media showed bodies on the ground and students screaming and running.

One distraught mother told Globo News, a Brazilian television network, that her 12-year-old daughter called in the middle of the shooting. “She said ‘Mom, come quick. There’s been a lot of shooting. People are injured, people are dead.’”

She said her daughter’s Spanish teacher and the other students had blocked the door to the classroom and the shooters were not able to enter.

The shooting came as President Jair Bolsonaro’s administration has been seeking to make it easier for civilians to purchase firearms.

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